Tours & Excursions

To be away from the routine, stress and daily problems, it is necessary to spend special and unforgettable moments in Tangier and its surroundings.

The Medina

The Medina is surrounded by ramparts dating mostly from of the Portuguese occupation in the 15th and 16th century. There were then consolidated and fortified by the British and then by the Alawite dynasty Sultans. They still have towers, bastions and batteries and are piercedby thirteen gates.

The Kasbah Museum

It is located in the Dar El Makhzen (Sultan’s palace). Built in the 18th century and remodeled several times since then, the palace was converted into a museum in 1922. This masterpiece of Andalusian architecture was recently renovated and now exposes archaeological finds of several sites. It also represents a true testimony of the significant role of the Peninsula over the centuries.

Little Socco

Close to the Grand Socco, this charming square is surrounded by cafes, small restaurants and old hotels.

The Great Mosque

Built on the site of an ancient Roman temple, it was converted into a church during the Portuguese occupation. In 1684 the Pasha Ali Ben Abdullahhas set it as a Muslim worship mosque. It is a traditional Alawitemosque, simple and modest, with a beautifully decorated monumental gate.

The Saint Andrew Church

This church was built in 1880 with a collection in which the Sultan Moulay Hassan 1st participated by providing the ground for British Tangier. TheArabic prayer etched on the ark renders this building unique.

The Forbes Museum

This former palace was originally the home of the American billionaire Malcolm Forbes; at his death he bequeathed it to the city of Tangier, who decided to transform it into a museum. This one is very special because it contains the collection that belonged to Mr. Forbes, of 115 000 lead soldiers tirelessly reenacting the greatest battles in the history of the world. The gardens are beautiful.

The Grand Socco

Renamed “Place of 9 April 1947” to commemorate the speech made there by Mohammed V, it still remains the “Grand Socco” (the great souk) for the people of Tangier. It’s a huge market, lively and colorful. True heart of Tangier, it enchants in every possible way, so much so that Joseph Kessel devoted a book: “Au Grand Socco” (1952). Go for a stroll on Thursdays and Sundays, it is then that the market gets very animated.

Tanger Med

A deep water port built between 2004 and July 2007, bordered by a free zone for industrial and logistics activities in the Region Tangier-Tetouan in northern Morocco. It is located along the Strait of Gibraltar, 14 km far from the Spanish coast.

Tanger Free Zone

An economic hub:

Founded in 1999, the EPZ Tangier is the most important activity polein the region. Computer engineering, automotive and aerospace industries, aluminum carpentry, textile, mechanical, training … 475 companies of all sizes benefiting from the foreign investment of the European Union, the United States of America, North Africa and the Middle East are concentrated around thirty different activities. Moreover, the Tangier Free Zone, managed by the TFZ Company, part of the TMSA Group, offers very attractive tax benefits. If the industrial use of this pole is clearly marked, Tangier Free Zone “TFZ” has always denied the arrival of polluting industries. Alongside companies established since its inception, the industrial area regularly welcomes new businesses attracted by its dynamics, its position and the opportunities it offers. Around the TFZ, which is developed on a 500 hectaresperimeter, there is an entire area of approximately 60 hectares which will be dedicated to the automotive: Tangier will soon welcome Auto City currently under construction and which will accompany the development of Renault factory in Mellousa. This center will complement the free and industrial zones network in the region and will include two harbor logistics areas of Tangier-Med. All are within 30 minutes from Port Tangier Med which is the platform to Europe on the southern shore of the Strait of Gibraltar.

The Harbor

Main seaport of the Kingdom of Morocco to the Mediterranean, the port of Tangiers occupies a strategic position between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

Café Hafa

Defying the years since 1920, unique for its magical atmosphere, the Café Hafa has managed so far to resist modernity; it is inhabited by memories of all the celebrities who came here: Pierre Loti, Samuel Beckett, Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Sean Connery and many others. Its narrow terraces offer a breathtaking view over the Strait of Gibraltar and the Spanish coast.

The Cervantes Theatre

Dating from 1913, it was at the time a major theater, with extremely modern machinery and an extraordinary luster, seating 1400 spectators. It falls now in ruins, but the splendor of its architecture and its decorations is still outstanding; it has the distinction of being a property of the Spanish state, which recently released emergency funds for the rehabilitation, as part of a Moroccan-Spanish agreement signed in 2005.


Very welcoming gardens, home of eight centuries old trees. Note the FicusElastica at the entrance, their branches have the specificity to take root when they touch the ground, giving the impression of being in a grove of trees being joined each other.

Place de France

Located in the heart of the new city, the place offers a breathtaking view of the Medina. It is very nice to walk there in the evening, enjoying a friendly atmosphere. The Grand Café in the middle of the place is one of the most chic of the city.

The Caves of Hercules

At 14 kilometers west of Tangier, right at the edge of the Strait of Gibraltar, you can find the spectacular Caves of Hercules, a major tourist attraction.

The Beaches of Tangier

Tangier is also a seaside resort with beautiful beaches such as Cape Malabata 6 kilometers northeast of the city, the long beach of SidiKacem southwest, OuedAlian a little further away 35 kilometers east or Dalia, considered one of the most beautiful of the Mediterranean coast at 50 km from Tangier and close to Ceuta.